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The right way to take care of your boat

  • Effectively and safely removes all fouling, including barnacles
  • Improves fuel efficiency and speed
  • Provides a quick and timely cleaning service
  • Reduces overall time spent on boat maintenance
  • Optimizes year round boat performance
  • Eliminates the need for toxic anti-fouling paint
  • Contributes to a cleaner environment
Drive-in Boatwash Florida

Drive-in Boatwash’s largest fixed hull cleaner can handle motorboats and sailboats of up to 16 metres long, 5 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep. Our mobile washers can handle motorboats of up to 8 meters in length. The entire cleaning process takes about 20 minutes and the cleaner washes the bottom of the boat twice in different directions during that time.

Washing instead of painting!

Sail and motorboat owners who use our hull cleaners avoid the need to paint the hulls of their boats. This saves both time and money for the boat owner. They are also spared the task of scraping, sanding and painting their boat using toxic hull paints that are harmful to inhale.

Furthermore, the boat achieves a lower fuel consumption and optimum speed throughout the season. At the same time those who use our products also contribute to a better environment in our seas. Boat owners who have tried a hull wash usually stop needing to use new hull paint!

We at Drive-in Boatwash have invested in the performance, durability and easy care of our concept.