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How it works

The owner sails the boat in between the beams after the basin gate has been lowered. The gate is then closed by being hoisted up behind the boat. The boat is then stabilized in a central position between the beams. The boat owner can choose to sit in the boat or go ashore during the cleaning process.

The cleaning starts, and when the rotating brushes come into contact with the hull, the resistance ensures that they are pushed downwards and formed into the natural shape of the hull. The brushes move along the boat all the way to the stern, clearing the boat of marine fouling as they go. With the touch of a button, the cleaner changes direction and the brushes move in the opposite direction until they reach the starting position.

In this way, the boat is cleaned twice from two different directions. For a 10-meter boat the whole process takes about 20 minutes

How Drive-in Boatwash works

BIGWASH 14 Wide demo