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Drive-in Boatwash wins place in Port of San Diego ‘Blue Economy’ Project.

Drive-in Boatwash (trading as Rentunder Holding AB) has signed a cooperation agreement with the San Diego Unified Port District (SDPD) to install a BIGWASH machine for the purpose of reducing copper emissions in the harbor. Drive-in Boatwash took part in a year long competitive process requiring showcasing of its social, environmental and potential financial benefits. […]

Invest in Drive-In Boatwash®

As of  May 3nd 2017, Drive-in Boatwash® will be a publically listed company on the Nordic Growth Market, Stockholm. It will trade under the name RENT MTF. With solid development from its start up in 2009, Drive-in Boatwash® expects strong international market growth in the coming years. In the rapidly expanding eco technical sector, Drive-in […]

Cleaner Canada with Drive-in Boatwash

Canada’s first ever Drive-in Boatwash is now open for business on beautiful Vancouver Island and looking forward to your custom! Heartiest congratulations to Kyle and his team at Hydroclean in the Coast Discovery Marina on Campbell river – a great initiative and a super set-up. The best of luck for your launch this weekend (April […]

First Drive-in Boatwash for Norway

Drive-in Boatwash® will deliver Norway’s first hull brush washing machine to Vollen, Norway in June 2017. This exciting partnership with Project Green Marina, Vollen, will support antifouling elimination by combining epoxy paint for boats and BIGWASH 16, the largest Drive-in Boatwash® machine. By providing a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to antifouling, it marks a new […]

Drive-in Boatwash mentioned in NZ press

Drive-in Boatwash was recently mentioned in an article by The New Zealand Herald. […] Sweden has seen entrepreneurs developing alternatives, and recently Björn Alven, the co-owner of boatwash company Rentunder, was here in New Zealand talking to the industry. Read the article here.