Quick, efficient hull cleaning has officially launched in Lake Lewisville – in innovative style.

For days a Swedish installation team has worked on assembling the impressive floating construction of the Drive-in Boatwash® BIGWASH machine. This Saturday, the wait is over. Safe Harbor Pier 121 Marina will open the first underwater hull cleaning machine of its kind in Texas. Anticipation is high as boat owners on Lake Lewisville have already been observing the test runs of the machine situated in Pier 121 Marina.

We are super excited to launch the hull cleaning service at Pier 121 Marina. With this innovative solution, boat owners can get their hull cleaned in 15 minutes, without even lifting the boat out of the water or hiring a diver.

Bill Gonzalez Drive-in Boatwash USA, INC.

Here’s how it works

The boat drives in between the floating beams, a gate is closed, and the boat is moored. Hydraulically operated rotating brushes run under and alongside the boat, removing fouling as they go. Debris collects in a large basin underneath for safe disposal. Within a few minutes, the boat is clean, performance is restored, and you are ready to hit the lake.

Focus on the Environment

Brush hull cleaning has been popular in Scandinavia for a number of years. The reason is simple; Antifouling paint, which is applied annually to prevent marine growth contains biocides (usually heavy metals) that are toxic to the marine environment. A regular hull cleaning program replaces the need for antifouling altogether, positively impacting the marine environment.

Fouling slows down your boat and increases fuel consumption, says Björn Alvén, Swedish representative for Drive-in Boatwash®. Having a clean hull is therefore imperative to boat performance. Getting your hull cleaned before you hit the gas pedal will increase the maximum speed and lower the fuel consumption drastically. Not only is this a way to save the environment, but also helps the consumer save money on gas and antifouling paint.

Björn Alvén, Swedish representative for Drive-in Boatwash®

Grand Opening

Drive-in Boatwash USA and Pro Captain Staffing, will debut the BIGWASH and the concierge service this Saturday, May 4th at 1:00pm. All Black Card Members are welcome and will enjoy live music, games, free food/drinks and the following giveaways:

  • Full Open Bar
  • Lunch provided by Old House Barbeque. All you can eat.
  • A Voucher for a free Boatwash which you can use within the next 30 days.
  • Party Day Only – Exchange your Voucher for 1/2 off on all Drive-In Boatwash Yearly Packages (Excluding Concierge).
  • One off – Party Day Discount for the Concierge Package.