Drive-in Boatwash (trading as Rentunder Holding AB) has signed a cooperation agreement with the San Diego Unified Port District (SDPD). The agreement is to install a BIGWASH machine for the purpose of reducing copper emissions in the harbor.

Drive-in Boatwash took part in a year-long competitive process requiring showcasing of its social, environmental and potential financial benefits.

The cooperation agreement means that Rentunder will install, own and operate a BIGWASH 16 in the San Diego Bay area. The boat wash is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2018.

The project will run for 24 months from the installation. Research will be carried out to evaluate BIGWASH’s contribution to a reduction in copper discharge into the water. Rentunder’s revenue is expected to be positively affected by the agreement as early as 2017.

The machine will be located in the harbor on Shelter Island, where there are an estimated 7000 boats. Shelter Island is required by a directive from the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) to reduce copper loading into the harbor basin by 76% by 2022.

Article update April 2018: Installation of a BIGWASH machine in San Diego

“It is a testament to how far we’ve come that the company is entering into agreements with such a reputable organization as SDPD. After more than a year of preparation with SDPD, we are very proud to have achieved this. Having our first agreement for a reference facility on the US West Coast, with an ideal partner in an ideal location, is fully in line with our business strategy.”

CEO Mikael Alvén