Northwest Green Chemistry is a non-profit organization of social and environmental engineers based in Washington State, US. They work to foster innovation and economic opportunities through sustainable green chemistry and engineering solutions. In anticipation of state-wide changes to antifouling regulation coming into effect from 2018, Northwest Green Chemistry carried out an extensive, inclusive process to assess alternatives to antifouling paint. Drive-in Boatwash engaged in the process as a stakeholder. In their final report, the alternatives assessment team acknowledged that the adoption of a hull washing system such as Drive-in Boatwash could reduce cleaning costs and eliminate the need for antifouling coatings altogether.

The Report recommends that: ‘marinas and boaters committed to leading in environmental stewardship trial mechanical options such as the Drive-in Boatwash…’

CEO Mikael comments:

“Being recommended in such a respected forum for industry environmentalists is another step in building legitimacy worldwide for our products. The State of Washington is of course very interesting for us with its imminent ban on copper based antifouling products”.

Mikael Alvén, CEO – Drive-in Boatwash